Managed Content Hosting

Our managed content hosting plan leaves all of the work for your site to us.   We not only keep your site up to date and secure, like in our managed plan but we also add/edit/delete your content.  Our main plan allows you up to five changes per month.  If that’s not enough, or even too much, let us know and we can talk about a different plan for you.  We try to keep the options down to avoid making things too confusing when you’re trying to shop.  Before we go on, our attorneys want us to remind you that all of this is subject to our Terms of Service.

The basics of the plan are that for each request you make for us to add/edit or change something that counts as a change for that month.  This includes most of the normal changes but if something requires a lot of work then it may not be included and we may need to give you a separate price.  We don’t want to nickel and dime you, but some new plug-ins require a lot of work and aren’t covered by the monthly fees.  Sorry, but you have to draft changes, new posts, new pages, etc.  We don’t care how you send it to us, so you can draft it in any form that we can read, that’s fine.  We’d prefer Word, email, or another way we can cut and paste but we’ll make it work.

Requesting Your Change

To request a change, send an email to from the email address or domain (the part) on your account.  Send us any images, content, etc. that you want to be added with any instructions. When it’s done (usually within a day) we will send you a response and ask you to check it out.  For some changes, we may ask you to look at it before we publish it (or if you ask us to or give us a date to release it).

What Counts as a Change

The list below gives you an idea of the things that make up a change.  It’s not the whole list.  If we can reasonably count it, we will.  We just need to protect ourselves from exorbitant requests, otherwise, we would need to raise everybody’s prices.  Each of these is one “change” for your plan, so one post edit is a change.

  • Adding a simple plug-in (these are plug-ins that don’t require a lot of set-up or integration).  If it’s a paid plug-in you will be responsible for paying for the plug-in.
  • Turning off a plug-in
  • Page Content Changes including adding/editing/deleting post, page or comment
  • Implementing/Stopping a Sale
  • Adding/Editing/Deleting a Product or Category
  • Shipping changes
  • Keyword changes
  • Tag/URL changes
  • Tax Changes
  • Account changes
  • Adding an advertisement to a page, sidebar, template
  • Price changes (one set of price changes)
  • Installing or changing a Facebook Tracking Pixel
  • Adding or changing an ad in a sidebar, header, template, page, etc.

Stay up to Date

Keep up to date on the latest WordPress improvements, instructions and security.  Plus, get a special gift when you sign up.

What Isn’t a Change

Sometimes you may need something not on the list above.  If you need something changed that’s not on this list, ask us.  If we can do it as part of your plan, we will. Otherwise, we will let you know and what it will cost.  We don’t surprise you with charges.  Our goal is to give you predictable costs and services.  Here are examples of some tasks that are not included as changes.  Prices for extra tasks will be based on the time and effort involved.  Many of these things may include expenses that you’d be responsible for (e.g. the email provider).

  • Mail autoresponder set-ups
  • Implementation of complicated plug-ins (e.g. E-Commerce, Learning Management System)
  • Maintenance of spam comments
  • UI/UX Design Work (changing colors and fonts would be included as a change)
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Development of plug-ins, mobile applications, browser plug-ins, web applications
  • Creating images or other visual media
  • Drafting of posts or pages
  • Creation or maintenance of Social Media pages/sites
  • Off-site advertising campaigns
  • Fixing of issues created by bugs in plug-ins or other third party applications/systems

Theme Changes and Other Tough Choices

Some tricky ones are things like theme changes.  Installing a new theme is no problem and we can include that.  However, that often has unexpected outcomes and we can’t redevelop your entire site as part of the changes.

Your Responsibilities

You need to write any content changes.  We prefer electronic means, but it doesn’t have to be.  We’ll also be spell checking and grammar-checking before it gets posted, so no worries there.  We can also always allow you to review it before we activate anything.

Plug-ins and themes are pieces of code in WordPress that add or change functionality or design.  A surprising number of these are free, but many have a cost.  It’s usually reasonable so that’s good. It’s also usually billed annually.  In some cases, we may have the ability to get a discount and we’ll let you know if that’s the case.  Otherwise, you can subscribe on your own, or we may be able to bill you.  We’ll let you know in advance before we cost you any money.

In some of these cases, an outside account may need to be involved.  You’ll be responsible for setting these up and paying any fees that are associated.  We may need access for a brief time to work on integrating with your website and to test it.

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