Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected many of the questions that we frequently get.  If we missed something, or something isn’t clear, please feel free to contact us.

Table of Contents

  1. General
  2. Website Design
  3. Hosting Plans
  4. Email
  5. Billing


Can’t I just use a Facebook page?
Of course you can.  The question is if you should.  Facebook is a great solution for keeping up with those high school friends.  It also works well for an established community.  It has many limitations, though.  It’s not a shopping platform and so using it to provide sales information to your potential customers is very limited.  It’s also not very searchable so putting information up on Facebook that you want others to find later is VERY limited.

Most importantly, though, Facebook has complete control.  They control the design and the feel and they control what shows up to who, when.  They can, and do, routinely change their algorithm and it always benefits them.  It often doesn’t benefit you.  For example, in a 2018 algorithm change, some areas saw a 70% drop in traffic from Facebook.  You can see a simple example of this when you refresh your timeline.  Have you ever been reading something interesting (or that amazing meme), you went out from the post and it suddenly wasn’t on your timeline?  That meme could have been a post you made to draw business.

Facebook, Google, Amazon all can have a place in your business but you have no control over what they do, show, or charge.

Do you have a referral program?
Sure do!  We have more information here.

Where can I find the terms of service?
Those are located here.

Do you do sites in languages other than English?

Currently, we aren’t set-up to do that.  If you know exactly what you want, we likely could do that but it might be cheaper and easier to hire a local developer.  We can talk about it though (in English, sorry.)

Website Design

How does this work?

Once you please the order, you will be directed to a form to give us more information.  If it’s easier, feel free to just email us at  Please make sure we know which order your email goes to.  Any directions you can give us will help.  We need to know what your preferred domain is (that’s the .com site address).  Sometimes, your first choice is taken already, so a few options help.  Any material you have for your site would be really helpful like what type of business do you do, the services you offer,  really anything you can tell us helps.  For established businesses, branding and current marketing material help a lot.  Please feel free to attach copies to the form or email.  The more information you can give us, the better your site.  If you are doing an e-commerce store, we’ll eventually need product descriptions and pictures, but we don’t need those right away.  After that, we get to work.  We may reach out to you periodically for questions or to ask you to look at something.

Once we have the first draft of the site done (or maybe earlier if we need you to look at something, we’ll send you the link and maybe any open items we have.  Please look at the site carefully and give us as much feedback as you can.  This represents your company or project and we really want you happy with it.  Once we’re done, we’ll release it to you.  As we get close to the end of the free hosting period, we’ll be asking you what you’d like to do about hosting.  While we’d love to keep helping out, if you decide to move it we’ll help you with that too.

I have a theme that I like, can we use that instead?
Of course.  WordPress uses themes for the look, feel, and functionality of the site. They are a great way to get what you need. If you send us the theme or where we can download it, we can almost certainly use it.  However, if there is a cost for the theme (or any premium plugins) you’ll be responsible for that.  Theme costs for paid themes aren’t included in the package costs.

What are my responsibilities?
We don’t know you, your market, or your business. We need you to provide us the information for your site. As we build the site, we need you to provide us feedback. The faster we get the feedback, the faster we can get your site up and running. The better the feedback, the better your site will be.

What are the timelines based on?
The timelines assume that we get prompt feedback and responses from you.  We know you’re busy and we can wait but that may extend the timeline.

How do the blog posts work?
We write 250-500 word articles using keywords for your niche.  They are designed to get you started with content on your site.  You are welcome to edit them, use them or not as you see fit.  We are not experts like you.  The articles are based on our best research but they aren’t going to be as good as what you would write.  Your expertise and voice will build your site.  Our articles are designed to help get you started more quickly.

Can I do a Shopify site as part of the e-commerce sites?
Our standard is to implement WooCommerce.  However, if you would like to integrate Shopify (or any other e-commerce platform) with WordPress, we can do that.  We will try to do that for the same fixed price but there may be a charge depending on the amount of effort involved.  Once we know your requirements, we can give you options and prices to determine what best meets your needs.

Some countries, states, and partners require a Privacy Policy. How does that work?
That’s right.  Google Analytics is one example.  We provide you with a simple privacy policy but since the privacy policy is your responsibility, you really need to make sure it works for your business.  You should have your attorney review it.  There are several sites online that can give you some help.  Make sure you follow your privacy policy and that your privacy policy is how you do business.  Otherwise, you could get in a lot of trouble.

I already have a domain, can we use that instead?

Yes, and you should. If you’re already using an email address in your business company name, you shouldn’t find it.  We’ll work with you to point your current domain to your new website.  We don’t have to make any changes to your current email.

Stay up to Date

Keep up to date on the latest WordPress improvements, instructions and security.  Plus, get a special gift when you sign up.

Hosting Plans

Why Should I Host With You?

You certainly don’t have to.  However, most hosting plans out there are going to require you to do much of the work.  We have tried to build an affordable plan that allows you to run your business, have the web presence a modern business needs but not have to become a web developer yourself.  We’re here to do the heavy lifting.

What does the hosting plan include?
For any of the managed hosting services, we will keep your site up and running, take regular backups, keep it up to date and keep it secure.  Our goal is to make sure you don’t have to do anything for your site and can focus on your business.

We can also customize plans where we will also post any content changes that you need (you have to write them.)  If you aren’t at all technical and you would like us to put your content changes on your site, we can create a plan with a fixed monthly cost so you can plan your expenses.

We do offer a basic hosting plan too. In that case, we give your site a home but you do everything else.

What if I don’t host with you?

No problem.  Once your free hosting is over (or sooner if you prefer), we will send you the files that you need to move your site to your own hosting provider.  We will point coordinate with you to point your domain name (your “.com” address) to your new host, unless you want to do that yourself too.  We can set-up your site on your host from the beginning but note that moving your site isn’t part of the core plans.  We can help you but that will come at an extra charge.

What if I want to maintain my own site?

That’s easy enough.  We will set you up on your site so that you can do that.  We can either make you an administrator so that you can do everything.  If you want us to do the technical work (backing up your site, supporting the site, keeping things up to date) and you only want to update the content, we can set you up with that too.  We do have videos and pages to help you with the basics and we can also help show you some of the other basic tasks too.

I want to add more content or changes each month that your plan allows.
Yes. We offer packages to make it easier for most customers. We know that they won’t apply to everyone. You can either email us at or fill out the contact us form and we’ll work with you to get you what you need.

Can I edit or add content even though I’m on a Managed Content plan?

Of course, it’s your site!  As you’re thinking about this, if you have a bunch of changes that month, save the easier ones for yourself and have us do the harder ones.  Also, please don’t add a bunch of content but only have us do 1-2 things. If you’re paying for the services, please use it.  That’s why it’s there.

Can I switch hosting plans?

Sure.  No problem.  If you are renewing then it will change as of the renewal date.  If you are in the middle of an annual plan and are switching to a more expensive plan, you’ll have to pay a prorated amount for the remainder of the plan.  If you are switching to a cheaper plan, we will issue you a credit for the difference.  There are a couple of scenarios where this will could be helpful.

  • Get your site started under the Managed Hosting or Managed Content Hosting plans.  Then, after you’ve learned more about how to maintain your site or have the time to learn, switch to basic hosting.
  • If you have a big project coming up (adding a bunch of products, content push, etc.) then switch to the Managed Content Hosting plan for a while.  If you need more than the base five changes per month, let us know and we can work out a plan for your needs.

This can be helpful to match your business plans and control your costs.

Can I host podcasts?

No, unfortunately not but that’s true of most hosting plans.  Hosting services just aren’t built for the storage and workload needed for podcasts.  However, what we can do is have pages on your site that have information on your podcasts and episodes and then host your podcast somewhere else.  There are several services out there that specialize in hosting podcasts at a very affordable price.  Feel free to reach out to us with your needs and we’ll help you find a solution.

What security do you offer?
We apply best practices on ensuring account security, that’s one of the best methods of securing your site.  Each site has different, limited administrative accounts with unique passwords.  We also install automatic backup systems, malware scanning and firewall/login security systems on all sites that we manage.  Note that if you have basic hosting, you are responsible for security. We can give you some recommendations, but security in basic hosting is up to you.

How do you ensure continuity?
Continuity is a fancy business term for ensuring that we keep your site up and running as much as possible.  We employ several means to do this.  The most basic and most effective is to make regular backups that are kept offsite (ours are actually kept in multiple locations.)   That way, if the server completely crashes or we have a problem with our infrastructure, we can quickly move your site.  We also routinely monitor all the sites that we manage to ensure that they are up and running and have no problems.


I have my email through Office365 or Google or somewhere else already, can I keep that email?

Yes.  However, if you’re not already using your own domain name (the URL .com part) then we may have to change your current subscription to host business email but it can be done.


It’s easier for me if you invoice me rather than paying online. Can you do that? 
Sure!  Let us know at and we’ll get you set-up. We will send you an invoice and you can mail the payment. Note that we will not start work on your site until we have received and processed your payment.  For hosting, you will be considered renewed once we have received and processed your payment so please send it promptly to avoid any service disruption.

It’s not you, it’s me
Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out.  While we’re always sorry to hear that, if you decide we aren’t the place to host your site then no worries, we will help you transition to your new host.  Your site is yours and we don’t want to hurt your business in any way.  We will work to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Similarly, if you decide you want us to host your site (woohoo!) then we’d be happy to do so and we will help you there as well.

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