Affiliate Disclosure

We make a small measure of income from something called “affiliate advertising.” This means that when we refer you to a partner company, they may pay us for that referral.  So, please assume that any links to other companies’ products and services are such a link.  Many will not be, but it’s safer that you assume so.

That said, your trust is important to us and we won’t recommend a product just because they have an affiliate program. Many great companies and products do not have an affiliate program and we will recommend them as well when we feel it’s appropriate.  Our recommendations are just that, recommendations, regardless of our affiliate status.

If we have no experience with a product or service we will tell you that too.  Your trust is far more important to us than a few dollars from any program.  We want to give you recommendations and products that you can use.

Also, we’d love your recommendations and experiences.  If you have any experiences with anything that we recommend or even mention, please let us know.  You can use the contact us form or just email us at

Thank you.

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